INCONTINENCE DIRECT, LLC originated by selling home mobility products and services to customers. Through our involvement of selling such services and products; it was requested by our customers if we sell adult diapers or incontinence home care products.  Since this request we have extended our level of service and customer care to add these lines of products you are able to browse today.  Our purpose is provide incontinence products conveniently shipped, affordable and less embarrassing to purchase.

How  Do You Get Started

To get started; simply browse or search our site for any products you may need and purchase directly online. Our site is also capable of having orders setup on an “auto-ship.” This will allow for product to be sent to your door before you run out. For an added level of customer care, we have made a TOLL FREE number available for any product inquires that are not understood via our website. Our Representative will discuss any product experience, warranty, information that you will need to feel comfortable about your purchase.  

You Won’t Find A Better Selection

INCONTINENCE DIRECT, LLC carries a large and varied selection of only the highest quality adult incontinence products and supplies including popular brands like Depend®, TENA®, Attends®, Serenity®, and Reassure® that you already know and trust, plus many specialty products. Because we carry such an extensive selection we will have something to fit any one household need. And unlike other places, INCONTINENCE DIRECT, LLC always has these products in stock and ready to ship the same or next day you order! Please call us at 1-800-601-0180if you have any questions that haven't been answered here. Remember you can purchase all products directly online and have them shipped discreetly to your door!

Better Convenience

Have you experienced the trip to the grocery store and found that they are out of your products? Have you felt the embarrassment of trying to check out and see younger children in the next line smirking?  At INCONTINENCE DIRECT, LLC, we take these shortages and embarrassment factors and ship discreetly to your door.

No more going to the store with the hopes that they will have the products you need in your size. No more wrestling those bulky bags and boxes into your car and then into your home! At INCONTINENCE DIRECT, LLC, we take care of all that for you and with our Personalized Delivery Plan, getting your incontinence products is more convenient than ever.


At INCONTINENCE DIRECT, LLC, we understand that purchasing incontinence products can be a sensitive issue. Therefore, all packages are delivered in plain brown boxes. The discreet box gives absolutely no indication of what's inside. Even our mailing label is discreet, displaying only the name "INCONTINENCE DIRECT, LLC".